Pepper SNU2 map

The SNU2 map was submitted by JM Lee, SH Nahm, YM Kim and BD Kim of the Department of Plant Science, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Center for Plant Molecular Genetics and Breeding Research, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea. The map is described in the following article: Theor Appl Genet (2004) 108:619-627, "Characterization and molecular genetic mapping of microsatellite loci in pepper". Forty six microsatellite loci were placed on the SNU-RFLP linkage map, which had been derived from the interspecific cross between Capsicum annuum "TF68" and Capsicum chinense "Habanero". The current "SNU2" pepper map with 333 markers in 15 linkage groups contains 46 SSR and 287 RFLP markers covering 1,761.5cM with an average distance of 5.3cM between markers. The following links provide static images of the different linkage groups. We are working to integrate these map data into the dynamic comparative viewer.